Christian Löffler – Feelharmonia & Blind Videos

Feelharmonia Video

A FILM BY Ronni Shendar
Lyrics written and sung by Gry Bagøien

Blind Video

A FILM BY Natasha Todd
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Track Info / Credits

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Anika Väth [Germany / Austria / Switzerland]
Alexa Gansera [all other countries]

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Derix & Shoreliners – Sumr (Original Mix)


From Soundcloud:
Silk Digital returns to its melodic progressive roots with a brilliant collaboration between Derix, alter-ego of Canadian veteran Derek Silvester, and Shoreliners, better known as top-selling progressive mastermind Mango. The Original Mix kicks off with a peak-hour bassline and repeating “power” synth chord, which, after a quick piano-led mini-break, emerges as a much more dynamic lead progression. In the main break, we are met by the delicate piano again, with the lead chord synth initially lurking in the shadows and then exploding, like a sudden seasonal shift, into a full “Sumr” anthem.

G-Tek, an unsung label veteran from Panama, proves once again his uncanny ability to craft “hooky”, yet intelligent peak-hour progressive house bombs. Championed for years by the likes of Jaytech, James Grant, and Solarstone, G-Tek has crafted a moving, standout remix that proves to be an ambitious composition from the very start. A slow fade-in intro hints at an “epic” feel to follow, and the tune thankfully doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Fluttering leads begin to soar over a thundering groove, all of which combine to create a deep, intricate, and moody soundscape. In the break, a new funky lead (an artist signature) takes over the mid-range, while a layered bass gives additional “body” to the mix. Ultimately, exceedingly rich, 80’s-inspired power chords take complete hold of the listener, with peak-hour euphoria to follow in the absolutely gut-busting and ecstatic drop to follow.

In case all progressive tastes were not quenched by the release, Shingo Nakamura has been tapped to offer a more soothing aural experience. Never one to back down from the challenge of imbuing a rich emotional core to what — in the wrong hands — could easily be a simple melodic progression, Shingo once again paints vividly and with multiple layers. After a gorgeous chord progression is developed in the first half, the tune suddenly deconstructs and makes way for another unforgettable and deeply poignant piano solo from Shingo. The reinforcement of lush chords only heighten this cathartic moment in the track, proving, as if there was any doubt, that Nakamura is truly at the top of his game.
Released by: Silk Digital Records
Release/catalogue number: SILK052
Release date: May 1, 2012

Full of Keys – Human (Alcala Remix)

Alcala’s has remixed Daft Punk, Uffie, Foster The People, Crystal Castles, M83, and grips of others. One of his recent works is the gem for Full of Keys. It’s kind of hard to classify this one, but should bring a smile to your face if you like that pulsating electro sound from the mid eighties.

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Released by: Qi Music
Release date: Jan 20, 2012


The REWASHLAMP project re-utilizes the interior pieces of washing machines no longer in use. Paired with a photographer tripod, the old washing machine drums provide the perfect combination of design and functionality. All of the fabrics used are synthetic and the product ships with an energy saving light bulb. In addition, these are hand-made thus giving them an “exclusive” characteristic.